The journey from Brunette to Blonde.

The journey from Brunette to Blonde.

Imagine this scenario... you have been blonde for 4 years, you went to the dark side about 6 months ago, and it's faded quite a lot so you're thinking of going bright red!

The hairdresser dyes your hair red and it is AMAZING! Two weeks later though, it's a mess. So you decide you'd like to go blonde again.

Have you had a similar thing happen to you? Let me tell you why!

Imagine you build a house on a wonky slab, the whole house would be a mess.

Crooked, unstable, unlivable! It is exactly the same when it comes to hair! You need a strong, and stable base for any hair colour to survive in.

The blonde hair that you had for years, that you religiously straightened without using heat protection is STILL under that brunette, and now red hair.

The crucial part of having healthy hair that holds colour, and healthily grows is home care.

Personal and professional advice:

Hairroom Salons has seen the above scenario time and time again, and know what is best for your hair - a 3 step program and the right styling products.

If you are blonde, then you will benefit from the SP repair range, which has protein that will repair the hair with a 100% improvement each time you use it.

If you are brunette or red head, you will benefit from the SP Colour Saver range - which makes sure your colour is protected and is full of antioxidants.

If you have fine hair you will rejoice over SP Volume shampoo, as it contains Creatine which will strengthen your hair and make it feel less limp.

If you have years of black dye in your hair and you want to go lighter, you will need to invest in good quality hair care that will protect your hair on the epic journey it is about to take. You will definitely benefit from OLAPLEX which helps to lighten your hair with minimal damage.

There's a reason why we recommend home care. It's for YOU and OUR team at Hairroom Salons, so we have an amazing foundation to build the best hair possible!